9. Primary Research

I did me a survey.

I also asked everyone I could think of that has ever went to a festival if they'd left their tents there, I was even asking randoms in the street. A great deal of the people who said they had abandoned their tent would take it home if it took seconds to take down, it also opened up discussion and I realised that a lot of people thought the tents were recycled. Myself included initially. I've estimated that I have insight from about 150 people. 119 from survey, others verbal.

In summay what I took from the findings is:

  • People carry a lot of stuff into festivals, I have a list of hundreds of things

  • Pop up tents are deemed flimsy and poor quality overall

  • The resons for leaving a tent included; too hungover to care, too much to carry with hangover, too difficult to carry and transport, takes too long, difficult to collapse and it broke

  • Easier accessibility, easier ways to take a tent down, easier to pack up, light weight, easy to carry, refund of deposit scheme, discounted ticket, if it were expensive and little struggling would be incentives for people to take their things home

  • Nearly 1/3 of people asked have left a tent

  • Over 4/5 of people said they would pay more for a tent to use it for years

  • Money off future tickets is a great incentive to get people to take their goods home as 89% agreed

  • The size of a festival tent is deemed the most important to people as the British weather can force people to seek shelter

  • Eae of putting up, carrying and taking down are the 3 next most important factors. Weight, height and style are last

  • I have other comments from participants that I may use

  • I have also watched YouTube videos and read blogs about camping essentials

I have also been a regular atendee to festivals. I used to modify buggies to carry my things when I camped. It enabled me to carry a 12 man tent and a couple of chairs, or a smaller tent, with chaors and alcohol. I was fortunate that only once did it rain, and yes that time, I did abandon it. I still took most of my things, but that became an extra thing to carry as I could no longer push it. I think one got stolen actually as I remeber leaving without one twice! I aways got comments telling me of the sheer genius it was, from people pulling their stuff in a sled or kicking a bag up the field.