8. Secondary research findings

I have taken key points about tents and waste from the UK reports that I have read. I have also taken notes of other organisations and projects that have been created to solve the festival waste issue. There will be relevant to the design process

Key notes

  • 3.7 million people attend festivals each year

  • They create 23,500 tonnes of waste annualy

  • Nearly 10% of people left their tent at a festival in the UK in 2018

  • 42% of people bought new tents to take

  • 875 tonnes of plastic waste has been created from tents from 2008-2018

  • Only 30% of tents left at festivals are saved and reused

  • 28% of festival waste is campsite

  • 250,000 tents are abandoned EACH YEAR

  • 7% of people left their tent because it broke

  • Tiredness is the main reason people leave tents, some just cant be bothered

  • Because tents are marketed as cheap festival tents, they are deemed single use

  • There is a misconception that tents are recycled

  • Theres a lack of education to patrons and organisers about waste management

  • Awareness to the problem helps reduce it

  • 'Hippie' festivals are the most sustainable

  • 78% of AIF member festival goers camp

  • Camping is deemed the main reason that a third of festival goers attend

  • Average spend at a festival per person is £434.14

  • Camper van use and 'glamping' is increasing quickly

  • Public transport to festivals is declining rapidly

  • The average tent weighs 3.5kg and is mostly made of plastic – the equivalent of 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups

What projets etc are out there:


AIF member festivals are cutting out single use plastics by 2021 and promoting re-use

Drastic on Plastic Campaign

Are doing research into tent abandonment and behaviour of the festival goer - I should contact them first

Love Your Tent

Is a campaign to spread awareness

A greener Festival

A training and education consultancy for festival organisers

Festival Vision 2025

The Paris Agreement pledge etc

The Show Must Go On

The report made for FV2025

Raw Foundation

Education to promote elimination of single use plastics at festivals

Julies Bicycle

Carbon emissions from festivals


Creator of a compostable festival tent. Now does waste data collection for festivals

Useful Projects

Social enterprise for green design thinking