29. Carrying System

I've taken a U-turn here and I'm going back to an idea I had at the very beginning, redevelpoing carrying systems for festivals. I'm going make it as easy as possible for people to carry their things back. My research clearly shows that things are abandoned due to the effort that it takes to dismantle and carry it. My research also shown that the biggest contributer to carbon emissions in festivals is the travel. If I made something to carry the stuff more easily, it may also encourage people to use public transport. I actually asked this question on my Instagram story.... 'If your things were much easier to pack and carry, would you be more likely to use public transport to get there and back' of 77 respondents, 3/4 of them said they would, which would be a nice side effect of my design. My journey map also shows that people have quite a long slog to get to and from festivals. Lets make this as easy as possible for them to not leave their things behind.

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