24. Comp-A-Tent owner Amanda

I had a lengthy chat with Amanda, the founder.

She very nicely had a long chat with me about the issues of waste at festivals, she is founder of the company in the front line of monitoring and trying to tackle the issue.

As suspected, she says the reasons for people leaving their tents are; people are hungover, too much effort to dismantle, too much effort to carry, crowd mentality - monkey see - monkey do and entire camping sets are cheap.

She said that they often interview people at festivals that say they wont leave their tent, but come Monday morning, find that they do because it’s too much effort.

It’s a VERY saturated market. There are students calling her twice a week about this tent issue. She thinks about 200 students are working on it!! It will have to be a very different option than what exists to be worthwhile.

The pre-pitch idea is monopolised, theres no point in trying, so a service would be out the window.

She likes my idea of the hungover tent. Says teepees are by far the most comfortable.

Mattresses and chairs are a huge issue too. The mattresses are far worse for the environment than tents.

She has seen tents get easier to dismantle over the years. She believes that behaviour change needs to happen, large companies will still sell unethical cheap tents for profit, and people will still buy them for convenience. I should look into gettig people to try take these home, or to think twice about what they buy.

Suggested that I get in touch with a company called Keela in Glasgow. They have an ultrasonic sewing machine that allows for different shapes.

Also says I should check out Alibaba for rPET. It is more affordable than I thought.

Have a polyester inner tent with a disposeable, biodegradable outer perhaps?

Stresses about the carbon emissions of travel, it is 80% of the CO2 problem. People should take a coach, this is a huge issue.

Love Your Tent started a stamp thing, where the tent gets stamped per festival, making the tent a memento.

She also informed me that her tents aren’t great and she regrets spending 2 years on them as they don’t work ha. At least she’s honest.