41. Do The F*cking Work

I had actually forgotten about this. I had found myself in a right funk at one point. Might have been that pandemic thingy, who knows.

I took to the trusty net to look for advice from other designers about how to just get over feeling overwhelmed and well... stuck. I came across this gem of a book that I was glued to for a few days, it was in a language that I can fully relate to. It is the story about a lot of people called Jason and a Brian, I recommend it even if you do not ever find yourself unmotivated, as it is entertaining. It was as though it was speaking directly to me, I appear to not be alone when it comes to designer block. This book certainly helped me categorise what is important. After I read it, this is when I got my mojo. It was a bit late in the game for me to work to the best of my ability, but I recognise that.