11. What I'm getting at....

Ive been looking into 'who?' I'm designing for. It is mainly customers of festivals, those who camp there. It is also design for the organisers of the festivals, as the clean up effort is vast. If the tents were easier to take down and carry, wouldn't that benefit everyone? If they were abandoned then the clean up effort would be easier.

My friends father owns the cleaning company that cleaned the main arena of T in the Park. The waste is beyond comprehension apparently, especially plastic cups, it appears that people have no thought for recycling or cutting down waste. I've also heard from an outside project of collecting items for refugees, that the tents that are collected for re-use from Belladrum festival are done so by volunteers, and they are only given a few hours to get in before the cleaners and collapse as many tents as possible, before they are put to landfill. I'm due to have a discussion with one of these volunteers this week to see if this is completely true. If this was an easier process, then more tents could be re-used. Also, the people who bought the tent could take it home with them with less effort than it takes now, making it less likely for it to be abandoned in the first place. Tents aren't the easiest of things to put up and take down. They're designed to be compact and light, for taking camping. Traditional pop-up tents aren't known to be easy to collapse. I will look into this further.

I've been trying to find out the 'why?' of why people are leaving their tents. The most common reasons for why people are leaving their tents appear to be because they're hungover and it's simply too much effort for them in that impaired state. This, mixed with the belief that their tents are recycled and that they are often marketed as throwaway (because they're flimsy and cheap) is leading people to just leave them, or worse still, destroy them.

This moves me to the 'what?' Will I design a tent, or something that raises awareness of the fact tents aren't recyclable?

I need to understand the people that I'm designing for. Essentially it is the hungover person. I will progress with this.

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