14. Gurus day

Gurus Day is a day that people from industry very kindly give up their time to come along and see what we're getting up to. They offer advice and tell us about their transitions from uni to the real world of employment within the design industry.

We had to make up boards detailing our findings so far...

I'm looking into tent design or a service for festivals. There are a few of these campaigns that have not long began, would I make a product to support these campaigns??

I got some feedback, a lot of it conflicted but it made me aware that theres a variety of ideas that I could explore.

I played about with Illustrator and Photoshop to make a fun background that looks like a campsite for my boards. I quite like the colours that I've chosen. I feel it shows that I want my idea to be fun.


Stewart Pleace - Service designer

Make a tent for the rent-a-tent market

Minimal Viable Product - Make a product before going for the fancy stuff/added extras

I must chat to festivals

Jamie Kunka - Ex student and creator of Occams Razor Skis

Rent-a-tent again

Money off tickets is good

Service design should be my afterthought

Work on engineering a tent

Making it too eco will bump the price

Add cool festival features

Findlay (?) - Ex student and UX Designer in London

Try making it from bamboo

Solve one part of the issue

Encourage behaviour change

Rent a tent again - focus on the service

Speak to organisers over linked in

Speak to tent manufacturers

Focus on recycling them after

Heather - Head of design at Hallmark

What would benefit the issue the most?

Interview people who take down tents

Find out where they are reused

A different take on rent-a-tent

Paul - Has his own design workshop in Dundee

An umbrella mechanism

Find the cheapest ways of making using sustainable materials

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