28. Research into logos

I have read the The Brand Book by Wally Olins, and Logo by Michael Evamy which gave me great insight into the world of branding, and it made me realise just how large a role a logo can play in a product.

A logo isn’t just a pretty image. It’s an integral component of a brand and frequently the first thing a customer sees. A logo should somehow reflect the brand image. I realise now the effort that goes into brand creation, there’s a lot to it and like many other designs, is usually worked on by a team.

I just need a logo for mine, that somehow reflects the product. I headed to YouTube and watched a series of videos by The Futur, Will Paterson and others to assist me in creating a logo.

I pulled these top tips from there;

  • Use geometric shapes to build an icon

  • Use the Fibonacci sequence to keep it aesthetically pleasing

  • Use negative space to give it balance

  • A logo doesn’t have to show what the product does in its icon, it just must be identifiable

  • Typeface has a large part to play, it can change a logo from being casual to corporate.

  • Make sure your logo looks good large and small

  • Keep it clean and bold, no shading or gradient changes as it can be hard to replicate on different surfaces

  • Colour can evoke emotion. Play with colour to see if what you choose represents what your business or product is. I.e. bright colours for playful, monotone for serious.

  • Don’t use more than three colours including black.

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