19. Interim Presentation

I want to reduce the carbon footprint of festivals by redesigning a tent.

The insights that i have learned are that the easier something is, the more likely people are to do it. As most people are hungover when it comes to packing up after a festival then i need to create a product that makes the process much easier at this point.

I’ll seek to create something that the buyer will love and want to keep. I’ll investigate longevity/eco friendliness/price and create what i feel is the best solution to reduce abandonment and plastic waste over time.

What should my tent have/be?

By setting constraints on my tent, it will be more straightforward to design. I have used my findings from research to find what is imprtant in tent design. This will be my Minimum Viable Product, before I start adding strings and bows - a minimum viable product has just enough core features to effectively deploy the product, and no more.

Rapid to put up/down

Easy to carry/push

Weather resistant inc sun


Large and ventilated

Eco friendly somehow

Things that I need to do next:

  • Festival travel – public transport is declining each year. Why?

  • Design for the drunk fella

  • Move on from research. Begin prototyping/sketching

  • Contact tent manufacturers

  • Visit sites

  • Try carrying everything I would take to a festival

  • Contact Love your tent

  • Contact Amanda at Comp-A-Tent