6. Festival Vision: 2025

Festival Vision: 2025 is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry.

I'm not the only one who finds festival waste an issue. It is well recognised and has been documented; The Show Must Go On report (November 2015) was conceived as a festival industry response to the Paris climate change talks in 2015. The report brings together all known UK research and analyses the most comprehensive datasets available on the environmental impact of festivals.

The report:

  • Outlines the environmental impacts of the festival industry

  • Provides a robust basis for an industry-wide approach to reducing environmental impacts.

  • Promotes action through the Festival Vision: 2025 Pledge - A commitment from festivals to meeting the UK national target of a 50% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2025.

  • Finds that the industry is responsible for approximately 23,500 tonnes waste, based on 279 UK summer music festivals.

  • States that waste is typically 35% of a festival’s onsite C02e footprint.

I will use this report and others to begin my research and see where a product or service could fit in.