37. Sketching

Ok I have an ipad pro. I bought Procreate. I've been watching YouTube tutorials on how to use it! It's a great little app, wish I had thought about using it before now.

Referring to my list of 'musts' at all times, I have started to sketch ideas.

Thee List of 'Musts'


Sleeping bag

Camp chair

Roll mat/Mattress

Clothing, change of shoes and toiletries


Alcohol (lets say 20 - 24 cans of beer/cider or 1ltr spirit and 2ltr mixer)

Water bottle - because this is encouraged

Mobile phone etc

More to upload*

Here's a video of me drawing the back of my vest while learning to use the app. It's pretty difficult to control the pen, I have a glossy screen protector, it is suggested that you get a matt one to provide more friction.

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