35. The Copywrite

SERIOUS work in progress

I have witnessed first hand the amount of waste generated by a music festival.  This includes a lot of tents and other caming equipment. I recently discovered that in a lot of cases, the abandoned equipment has been sent straight to landfill. As sustainability is one of my core principles, I have created a design solution to assist in combatting this issue.

After researching the reasons why revellers abandon valuable camping equipment on site I established a primary cause for such wasteful behaviour; the festival goers were hungover. Even people with the best of intentions can be wasteful in that impaired state. My design project has focused on developing a solution which simplifies the transportation of camping equipment to and fro the campsite to encourage festival goers to be more responsible.

I developed a carrying vest. It has straps for carrying a chair, tent, sleeping bag and roll mat, a front bag for clothing while the insulated backpack is for carrying up to 24 tins of alcohol. The back transforms into a giant drawstring stuff bag so when packing up, the soft items such as tents and sleeping bags can be flung onto it, tightened and carried from the festival, with no need to flatten them back into bags.

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