1. And so it begins... again.

After what felt like a short hiatus, we returned to the land of the learning.


I would like to begin by acknowleging the unexpected passing of one of our lecturers Ewan Steele. He was full of talent and passion for his students and will be sorely missed by everyone at the Art School. Out of respect we began a day later than intended and ensured that we started this year off with a bang.


The 300+ gathering of 1st to 4th year students across 'Social Digital' in DJCAD were seperated into 26 groups and each given the same design brief. It was simple, and summed up was:

'Design something from our interepretation of Bauhaus'

Team 'Y' for the Bauhaus Design Sprint

The Bauhaus was an early 1900's design school in Germany that was an avant-garde of liberal arts, applied arts, craft and society at the time and it became an art movement. It became famous for its open mind towards nearly everything and had an air of acceptance and positive societal change. We set to work researching all about it and learning about the ethos of the design movement as a whole.

The Bauhaus believed in simplistic, beautiful and useful design often with a splash of nuance. As Bauhuas had no fixed design discipline our options were endless but we decided to go with a product that had meaning and a touch of drama.

“The mind is like an umbrella, it functions best when open” - Walter Gropius - Bauhaus founder

After 3 days of research, brainstorming and banter, we came up with a rather fun way to discourage consumption and encourage recycling

'Rubbish Beats'

We created a bin that whenever an item is put into it, it registers what that item is and makes a percussion sound while giving you a telling-off or praise for it. So your sandwich that was wrapped in plastic from the supermarket would have the bin telling you to not be so lazy and prepare it at home, then it would tell you a fact about how single use plastic is destructive to our planet. It's a speculative design piece made with speakers and pre-recorded sounds which was a naunced way of highlighting the climate crisis.

We had a lot of fun in the design of this piece, and it really started off our semester with a bang. It also allowed all yeras of the Social Digital disiplines to meet. The bin is currently in use in our studio and is being used as a recycling bin coat holder and a home to Sarahs head.