25. Extreme Change of Direction

I've had a chat with a few lecturers and after speaking with Amanda, I'm beginning to think that a tent isn't a great idea after all. I've researched how tents are made, and alternative mechanisms that haven't been used before. After speaking with the technicians in the DJCAD Make Space and the School of Engineering, I don't think anyone is going to be able to help me make a decent prototype. The engineers say that they wouldn't be able to even think about helping me till the end of April, and even then its not a guarantee.

This left me in a state of panic and really not sure what on earth I could do. I had to take a step back and go over everything again.

My main focus for this is to reduce tent waste at festivals.

I asked myself these questions;

What issues have I found?

Who would it help?

How am I going to help?

- I found many issues. The main one that sticks out is people being hungover.

- I need to help the hungover person remain eco conscious when in a state of apathy

- Simplifying the process

Lets start again.